26. Dezember 2008

'nix für luftpumpen' radio&fernseh dj set

It's been a while since my last post here. For that I am truly sorry. Now I am actually posting on christmas... so it must be special, right?

I have in fact a very special treat for you today. My man radio&fernseh, who needs no further introduction, finished a new dj set: 'nix für luftpumpen'. If you are familiar with his older mixes you know they are always filled with a great variety of awesome tracks. Straight from vinyl, of course!

Listen, download and don't hesitate to share it with your friends!

Want your own personal copy of 'nix für luftpumpen' and other radio&fernseh dj sets? No problemo, go to HHV!

foals – electric bloom
lo-fi-fnk – change channel (danton eeprom remix)
björk feat. antony hegarty – dull flame of desire (modeselektor remix for girls)
hot chip – touch too much (kollektiv turmstrasse remix)
henry saiz – hello infinite
findlay brown – promised land (pilooski edit)
dj mujava – township funk
james pants – kash (trizzy&xxxchange remix)
david rubato – circuit lap 2 (dj mehdi rmx)
metronomy – heartbreaker
tv on the radio – DLZ
wolf parade – you are a runner
cold war kids – i`ve seen enough
so so modern – turn this landscape upside down
deerhoof – fresh born
casio kids – gront lys i alle ledd
pax&pry – B(ack)again

SEE U IN 2009!!!

6. Dezember 2008

24. November 2008

live is live

XXXXX Somehow the embed function does not work properly with the mtvU videos. You can watch the highlights here XXXXX

After just two months Lykke Li is back in Berlin. She will perform at Maria next Monday (1.12.).
This video was taken at the American mtvU woodie awards, at the end of the show she does a short duett with Q-Tip.

Also Vampire Weekend played The Kids Don't Stand The Chance together with Chromeo (be sure to check the Chromeo Remix in my infinite Mixtape, too!)

Plus: In case you have missed MGMT on saturday, here's a live recording french/german tv channel arte did at the festival des inrocks in Paris two weeks ago. They also taped performances with Fleet Foxes and Alela Diane.

22. November 2008

berlin, staring at the sun

People - including myself sometimes - try too hard to see what happens overseas from time to time and miss keeping an eye on the local music scene. In the case of Berlin it's actually hard to say 'local', because since decades people come from all over the world to live and record music in this truly inspiring city. A recent example is Brandon Bethancourt aka Alaska In Winter from New Mexico who describes the process of producing his newest album Holiday as followed:

After spending half a year in an east Berlin flat, Brandon Bethancourt (AKA Alaska in Winter) awoke one afternoon after a 16 hour-straight dance party from the previous weekend only to discover that there on his computer, was a fully finished, and totally rad new album.
Yes indeed... Brandon has no recollection of how that music got there on his laptop other than vague fragmented late night memories that involve synthesizers, lasers, berliner pils, haus musik, and possibly some singing... but regardless, Brandon pretty much had so much fun, and miraculously, an album came out if it some how... and Brandon's pumped about it... and you should be too!

Alaska In Winter - Berlin (mp3)

The next song is from his last album Dance Party In The Balkans.

Alaska In Winter - Staring At The Sun (mp3)

Can you guess who helped producing this album? Okay I give you a hint. He wrote songs called Brandenburg (no, it's not Rainald Grebe!) and Prenzlauerberg. Sooo...? Come on!

Okay, you might figure it out when you watch this interview.

ps. check out futurecoder 1/2

11. November 2008

5. November 2008

ho ho hobama

A friend of mine threw an election party yesterday (He is half american so it's okay). Although CNN made the election look like a football game/ game show I became tired and went home before the final result. This actually made the whole thing feel a bit like christmas, go to bed and when you wake up there will be a new president of the USA.

Originally I decided to post These Few Presidents by Why? but finally chose A Sky For Sheoing Horses Under because I like the song's "dawn of a new era feeling".

Why? - A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under (mp3)

11.11.08 Why? @ Maria

3. November 2008

fade to grey

Yep, that's what it looks like outside these days. It's the time of the year when it does not make a difference if you look up to the sky or down on the sidewalk. Most of the people choose to do the latter anyway. The way to work, school, friends, or supermarkets becomes a strength-sapping, mood gruelling challenge.
City Slang Records, who have their HQ here in Berlin, seem to sign the soundrack to this kind of weather. Their newest discovery are Dear Reader from Johannesburg. Dear Heart is the perfect song to get swept away by stormy november rain.

Dear Reader - Dear Heart (mp3)

In case you don't manage to peel off your bed sheets in the morning, Port O'Brien's I Woke Up Today is a good starter.

Port O'Brien - I Woke Up Today (mp3)

(both via City Slang)

2. November 2008

It's fun ignoring the D-M-C-A, it's fun ignoring the D-M-C-A-A

I keep asking myself who is reading my blog. I know some of my friends do. They sometimes comment on my blog... okay, I mean.... in real life... you know? ... where people use fascial muscles instead of emoticons or <'s and 3's to express feelings. Sometimes I think some people actually follow my mediocre advertising on myspace and fairtilizer, take a quick look and read like every seventh to ninth word of the first three sentences on the front page. But that's okay. I don't blog to get the world's attention. But a few days ago I think I caught a big fish! I got a message from Blogger, saying my last post infringed copyright so they had to erase it. I mean, WOW in the endless spheres of the world wide web I got some recognition by some big important company! WOW! Hey, if you read this: "I am sorry. Hire me!" Anyway in the future I will be more careful, starting today. Below you will find a) a picture I took MYSELF with my crappy mobile in some subway station when I was drunk and b) a short song I sung MYSELF a million years ago (Do I still sound like that?), in German inspired by an interview with some German band, dedicated to Charlotte Roche's armpit hair.

100% copyright infringment free! Enjoy!



27. Oktober 2008

warning: don't read this!

okay, obviously you've ignored my advice... but don't say I did not warn you before!
so, what I wanna talk about here is nitrome... oh, no worries keenplan has not turned into a drug forum over the weekend! Nitrome is not a new designer drug although it is made by designers and is in fact highly addictive.

Nitrome is a London based company that designs small free online games. Graphics and sound are very 90's and the gameplay is inspired by many classic games like Lemmings or Pacman. 100% fun, nostalgic eye candy. If you dare to get addicted here's the link:


22. Oktober 2008


After no news for quite a while it feels like Matt and Kim now put free tracks out there almost every week. Still I will never get tired of posting their stuff. Today: Daylight in audio & video

Matt and Kim - Daylight (mp3)

21. Oktober 2008

must i check blog?

The current issue of streetwear today magazine poses the question "must check blog?" robed in the recognisably art of dutch (street) artist Parra and interviews with amongst others the mentioned persona i.e. about his opinion about this phenomona that keeps getting bigger since its early days in the late 90's. My answer is as simple as paradox and admittedly unsatisfying: yes and no.

Believe me I could prattle about this topic for hours, but I highly doubt anyone would read more than the first two lines of what I would write here. I mean, when was the last time you read more than one or two pages online and when was the last time you got bored of a video on youtube, vimeo, etc. after just two seconds? Blogs and the internet - for me - is about getting fast and fresh information. In case I want to get deeper into a topic my sources are still books, newspapers and magazines. In fact I already have a headache reading through what I just wrote.

I recommend you to go and buy sw2d. It is full of different interesting stuff and for only 5 Euro you get that (almost old school) haptic feeling of actual holding a lovely printed magazine in your hands and a short break from this evil mind altering computer you have been sitting in front of far too long already.

ps. sw2d kindly published the very interesting interview with Parra here as well as an interview with the German artist Flying Fortress here.
ps.ps. A small article I wrote about audioblogs is published in Flächenbrand, a small DIY magazine available only in Fire Bar Krausnickstr.5, Berlin.


20. Oktober 2008

our northerly neighbour

Sweden is said to be the third biggest exporteur of music after the U.S. and the UK. Many new artists evolve from the fertile but hard-fought grounds of the swedish music scene every month. One of those many talents I am sure will establish internationally in the near future is Tvärvägen.

September. The perfect sound also for October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August.

Bonus: Ratatat (sweded)

The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat Remix) (mp3)

16. Oktober 2008

sleepyhead (video)

This is the new video for Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, of which I have already told you before.

12. Oktober 2008

product placement

In the iconography of the worldwide indie scene the good ol' cassette has almost become what the cross is to the christian church. Cassette shirts, bags, necklets and other stuff is worn even by teens that have most probably never ever used MCs. I am sure you own at least one of these items yourself. Although everyone got kind of fed up with the whole cassette thing I recommend you this following gimmick as the perfect birthday gift.

You can use it as mp3 player (although the maximum is only 2gb) and you can play it with any cassetteplayer like old car stereos.

If you buy it and don't know which songs to put on it, check these out:

Foals - Olympic Airways (Ewan Pearson's Return To The Villa Of Joy Remix) (mp3)

Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Gonzales Remix) (mp3)

Bloc Party - Talons (Acoustic Version) (mp3)

(of course you can put these songs on any other mp3 player, too!)

7. Oktober 2008

cheering me up 2006 - 2008

On a cold, grey and rainy day one easy method to cheer you up is to dig through your shoe boxes of old mixtapes and play the one with those dancey sing-a-long tracks from the 90's you have always enjoyed but would never tell anyone you did and still do. Afterwards you will feel slightly embarrassed but also much happier.
A completely different way is to listen to Hello Saferide. Her music cheered me up in wintery Sweden in 2006...

Hello Saferide - 2006 (mp3)

...and still does in autumnal Berlin in 2008.

Hello Saferide - 2008 (mp3)

27. September 2008


ooooh.... headache.... can't do anything but watch stupid videos in the youtube....

Diesel lined up a pretty decent bunch of artists for their birthday parties all over the world, but unfortuanetely they chose Munich over Berlin.... the video is still pretty funny though!

25. September 2008

dance the schwefelgelb

Schwefelgelb have obviously been inspired by German new wave. Although they say that they have not heard about DAF when they started the band, I suppose their parents listened to their records 24/7 when they were toddlers. As influences they name bands like electro pop pioneers Grauzone and Adult. from Detroit.

This is their new video for Stein auf Stein! I highly recommend to go and see them live on friday @ Magnet!

23. September 2008

the purpose of blogs

Since I am writing an assignment on blogs at the moment, I read all those analyses about what motivates people to have a blog. Basically the purpose of blogs is to create an alternate virtual personality by positive selection of character in order to compensate for the lack of self confidence/ what a douche you actually are.

This could be the brain behind Hipster Runoff (... see the Nintendo?)

I Personally am 100% real and as cool as the music I post on my blog!

Chad VanGaalen's music is amazing and so is his art. The only thing I don't like about him is that he does not play in Germany when he comes to Europe in November...

Chad VanGaalen - TMNT Mask (mp3)

After three long years a new Antony & The Johnsons record is coming. Another World EP will be out in October.

Antony & The Johnsons - Shake That Devil (mp3)

And last but not least some dance music. I heard this new Lo-Fi-Fnk tune on Shir Khan's radioshow today. It will be on the next Kitsune Compilation.

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Want U (mp3)

19. September 2008

schizophrenic taste in music...

People shouldn't get too personal in blogs. But now I am gonna tell you about a mental disorder I suffer from. I have a schizophrenic taste in music.

Y'know, sometimes I wanna ride Tippin' down, sittin' crooked on my chrome. Bookin' my phone, tryin' to find a chick I wanna bone...

Joe Budden X DJ Benzi - Classic (The Kickdrums Remix) (mp3)

... and sometimes I want to ride the bike with my eyes closed and arms spread like in a stupid Hollywood rom com...

Damien Jurado - Go First (mp3)

9. September 2008


I am sure y'all have seen this video of M.I.A.'s pal African Boy on discobelle today....

At this point I think I have to officially confess that I personally find Lil' Wayne a little tiny bit creepy... although he must be pretty succesful with the ladies, I mean not only is he fucking filthy rich, but he also is that kind of guy that takes care about his looks...

"I don't do too many (drugs). I just smoke weed and drink. But I'll never f**k with no more coke. It's not about the bad high; it's just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I'm a pretty boy."

And - as if anyone really gives a flying fuck about my opinion - the best A Milli Version to-date still is this one by Young Pulse, Killadaz & the TTC guys...

Young Pulse et Orgasmic - A Milli (Cuiz + KillaDaz+ Teki Latex) (mp3)

5. September 2008

A Trak & Boys Noize gig location revealed!

Today the secretiveness around the location for the oncoming A Trak & Boys Noize gig in Berlin finally ended, so I will finally be able to go to sleep again...

4. September 2008

bunte streusel radio&fernseh DJ Set

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

In my opininon music is like a big box of coloured sprinkles. For his newest DJ Set radio&fernseh once again combined a great variety of the finest sprinkles he could find to one unique, colourful and tasty mix.

bunte streusel radio&fernseh DJ Set (freehostfile)
no work?


björk_wanderlust (ratatat rmx)/ photonz_glass onion/ metronomy_holiday/ ratatat_shemp/ patrice bäumel_clair/ justus köhnke_yacht (robert bubicz mix)/ cutcopy_lights&music (boys noize happy birthday rmx)/ black affair_it`s real/ abstraxion_i had a good time/ miss kittin_grace (martinez bass in your face mix)/ crystal castles_trash hologram (demo)/ muscles_sweaty (instrumental)/ black kids_i`m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (twelves rmx)/ junior boys_in the morning (alex smoke mix)/ tomoki & nono_3 years (manuel tur remix)/ alter ego_gary boys club/ bonus track: babytalk_chance (hercules & love affair rmx)

If you want more from radio&fernseh's coloured sprinkles, you should check out Bang Bang Club on Wednesdays in the future.

2. September 2008

Farewell Tiny Whales / Welcome Passion Pit

A few years ago a a friend of mine who was living in the States brought her boyfriend when she came to visit me in Berlin. He was from Boston, played drums in a band and was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He showed me some stuff he and his band Tiny Whales were playing and I was a fan right away.

Tiny Whales - Same Shoes (mp3) (sorry about the bad quality)

Tiny Shoes - The Understudy (mp3)
I hope you don't like these last songs too much... because when I checked their Myspace again yesterday I noticed that they split up some months ago. Too bad! Fortunately you can still buy their old EP here.

However, in their friendslist I found this other great band called Passion Pit. They are already famous among bloggers and I am sure they gonna be big big big real soon!

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (mp3)

Passion Pit - Better Things (mp3)

Passion Pit - I've got Your Number (mp3)
Their Album Chunk Of Chains will be out in the U.S. September 16th on Frenchkiss Records.

31. August 2008

The Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Band

Whats cooler than two gifted musicians/DJs/producers remixing/producing a great tune together? Two gifted musicians/DJs/producers remixing/producing a great tune under a new fancy project name..... like Diplo and Switch who combine forces as Major Lazer or like the new techno supergroup Machines Don't Care with Hervé, Sinden, Toddla T & Co. ...
Well, in the end it's just a name I guess and it's the music that counts (is it really?). Alan Braxe and Fred Falke don't have a fancy project name and still make some of the smoothest tracks these days.

Van She - Kelly (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

You're probably right when you say there has been enough D.A.N.C.E. remixes in the history of mankind.... But you should give this one a chance!

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix) (mp3)

You'll Stay In My Heart is probably the best 80's movie love scene track ever to be produced in the 21st century.

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - You'll Stay In My Heart (feat. Savage) (mp3)

26. August 2008

Ellen Allien & Modeselektor Tour Teaser

In Septembr BPitch colleagues Modeselektor and Allen Allien play some shows together in Europe and the States on their Jetlag Tour. Fortunately they don't let down their hometown and planned a gig at Pannebar the 14th of September.

Modeselektor just released this Podcast on XLR8R to give everyone a little fortaste on how they will tear apart the venues.

Download Podcast (via XLR8R)

Check out this live recording of Ellen Allien when she rocked Berlin's Watergate some time ago at the Release Party for her new Album SOOL.

Watch this short interview with ultra nice Ellien Allien edited by somebody who probably had too much Red Bull in his Vodka.

19. August 2008


who would wanna see this?

... or maybe I did not get the joke?!

15. August 2008

Night shifts

Dude, night shifts take whatever you have in your brains and SHAKE IT!

Like what Madison did to Lil' Wayne's Lollipop...

Madison - Lollipop (Lil' Wayne Cover) (mp3)

Like what Fake Blood did to Cheap and Cheerful by The Kills...

The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood Remix) (mp3)

Like Bob Marley's Night Shift twisted by the Markov Chain....

Working on a forklift In the forklift, from A.M. (Did you say that? Why did you say that? Why did you say that?) to P.M. (Working all night shift; Working on a forklift In the night shift; Working on a night shift, With the forklift, from A.M. (Did you say that? Upfull and right!) all night shift, yeah! (Did you say that? Why did you say that?) to P.M. (Working all night (all night!) Working on a night shift, yeah! (Did you say that? Why did you say that? Why did you say that? Why did you say that? Upfull

13. August 2008

It's not a boat... it's a YACHT!

Besides the fact, that 103 is absolutely not the proper venue for a RATATAT show plus they had to stop the show twice because 1. total sound black out 2. somebody stole a drumstick (last pair)... the concert was awesomazing! I found this nice remix of Mirando by Jona Bechtolt (& Claire L. Evans) aka YACHT, who dropped his first Album with the most encouraging title I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real. last year.

RATATAT - Mirando (YACHT REMIX) (mp3)

I like what James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem had to say about YACHT:
"YACHT smells wonderful. I must say, all the time he spent in our bus, it was as if a cool breeze was blowing through my mind. and good songs, too!"

The Stereolab remix makes you wanna go outside and dance in the middle of the street wearing your jammies.

Stereolab - Self Portrait With "Electric Brain"(YACHT remix) (mp3)

12. August 2008

K to the Jay

New Kanye West Video for Champion

Check this new Jay-Z track/ Noel Gallagher diss produced by Kanye West

Jay-Z - Jockin Jay-Z (prod. by Kanye West) (mp3)

I guess in the end everyone really enjoyed the Jay-Z show at Glastonbury. Although he could have tried harder on the Wonderwall lyrics.

Case closed!

11. August 2008


Some years ago when I was living with a girl from Italy all she and her friends were talking about was Berghain (or "berg'ein"). It became even more popular over the years. Somehow I never managed to go there ("yeah, well next weekend..." u know?). This weekend I was there and... geez, this place really is another level. Modeselektor and some other cats from BPitch were playing. Modeselektor set was the bomb, as usual!

Modeselektor - Black Block (mp3)

Someone I would really like to be blasting from Berghain's massive speakers is Pirate Robot Midget from Italy.

Pirate Robot Midget - Sacrum (mp3)
(Check out PRM's It's My Beat Now in keenplan infinite mixtape)

8. August 2008

the mock machine

Blogs, especially musicblogs, are mostly about hyping the music and all. Well, hipsterrunoff does that too, but adds a little (self-)mockery to the game... pretty funny, although I have to admit I still don't really know if being an 'alt' is a good or a bad thing...

I found this picture of Uffie and it made me realize once again, that Ed Banger for me kinda lost its glint some time ago. Except for DJ Mehdi though, his stuff is always fresh!

Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life (DJ Mehdi Secret Disco Dub) (mp3)

7. August 2008

keenplan is back... in English

Been on a three week vacation... and since once again I got infected by a cosmopolitan spirit I decided to start writing in English.
It's too hot to think today, so I leave it at that comment and post a classic song that has been in my head all day today.

Grauzone - Eisbär (mp3)

11. Juli 2008


Shitparade 2008. Sonntag ab 12.00 Uhr in der BAR 25
Line Up: khan, strobocop, thomas fehlmann, apparat (live), t.raumschmiere,
oliver koletzki, magnum 38 (live), chris de luca vs phon.o,
dirty doering, max montana, fenin (live), daniel meteo und viele mehr.... für läppische 5 Euro!

8. Juli 2008

Jack Conte - Aphex Twin/Bright Eyes Mash up und andere Cover

Coverversionen grenzen in manchen Fällen geradezu an Blasphemie. Es gibt allerdings auch Ausnahmen wie Jack Conte's Version von Bright Eyes' First Day Of My Life und Aphex Twin's Flim beweist. Dazu gibt es frei nach Lasse Gjertsen diesen sogenannten VideoSong.

Jack Conte - AphexTwinBrightEyesCover (mp3)

Drei weitere Coverversionen die NICHT nerven:

Scott Matthews - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (The Cure Cover) (mp3)

Hot Chip - Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye Cover) (mp3)

Baby Charles - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys Cover) (mp3)

Viele Interessante 80's Cover gibt es gerade auch bei Buffetlibre

7. Juli 2008

radio&fernseh dj sets wieder online

(pic: marriedtothesea.com)

Die radio&fernseh DJ Sets keenplan & 3zuzwai stehen nach kurzer Verpeiltheit endlich wieder zum Download zur Verfügung!

3. Juli 2008

Division Of Laura Lee - Central Park Remixes

Auch wenn es kaum zu glauben ist, es gab eine Zeit vor Web 2.0. Da haben die Leute 'richtige' Webseiten gehabt und Blogs waren noch feuchte Träume amerikanischer Informatikstudenten. Unser ganzer stolz war damals www.punk-and-skate.de. Aus eben dieser Zeit stammen auch Division Of Laura Lee, damals noch beim schwedischen Punklabel Burning Heart. Aber wie wir scheinen auch Division of Laura Lee dieser Punkphase entwachsen. Mit dem neuen Label I Made This wurde dementsprechend ein neuer Sound gewählt.
Die Single Central Park soll am 1. August erscheinen. Und wie es sich für das neue Image gehört gibt es dazu jetzt schon gelungene Remixe.
(via: www.divisionoflauralee.com)

Divison Of Laura Lee - Central Park (Triobelisk Remix)

Divison Of Laura Lee - Central Park (BMK Remix)

1. Juli 2008

RATATAT - Neues Album und !Live!

Wer kennt das nicht?! Manche Momente im Leben fühlen sich so unfassbar großartig an, dass man für die Dauer dieses Augenblicks unaufhörlich blöd grinsen muss... Einer dieser Momente für mich war, als ich RATATAT live in Göteborg sehen durfte. Ich hatte keine Ahnung was mich erwarten würde, aber kurz nach dem ersten Ton war ich konsequent sprachlos. Live erhalten die Songs eine klangliche Breite, wie sie einfach von keinem Tonträger wiedergegeben werden kann. Ein Sound der den kompletten Raum für sich beansprucht, ohne dabei einengend zu sein. Vor allem Mike Stroud der auf der Bühne wirkt wie selbst in Trance gespielt, lässt jeglichen Eindruck von (un)professioneller Routine vermissen und überträgt ein Gefühl in seine Performance wie Jimi Hendrix und Joe Cocker in Woodstock zusammen. Am 08.07.08 erscheint RATATATs neues Album LP3 und - was fast noch wichtiger ist- am 07.08. spielen RATATAT im 103. Einen Tag vorher spielen sie im Übel&Gefärlich in Hamburg, ich denke ich werde versuchen beide Shows zu sehen.

RATATAT - Mirando (mp3)

RATATAT - Falcon Jab (mp3)

26. Juni 2008

The Video Day

Im September veröffentlichen die Cold War Kids ihr zweites Album. Ist natürlich eine heikle Angelegenheit. Das Video zeigt exklusives Studiomaterial und einen Auschnitt eines der neuen Songs.

Dieses Video von The BPA (aka Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim) mit David Byrne und Dizzee Rascal war in den letzten Tagen sozusagen Top of The Blogs... nachvollziehbarer Weise.

"Wale Wale Wale.... was will der bloß immer mit diesem Wale???!!!!"


The Big Lebowski Typography from koosdekker on Vimeo.

25. Juni 2008

3zuzwai radio&fernseh DJ Set

Der offizielle Mix der deutschen Nationalelf zur EM 2008...

... ist es zwar nicht, allerdings entstand dieses neue DJ Set von radio&fernseh spontan in einem Take nach dem erfolgreichen EM-Viertelfinalspiel gegen Portugal inklusive entsprechenden Kaltgetränken und Sportzigarette. Insgesamt schön basslastige Elektronik, gespickt mit ein paar Klassikern, fetten Neuheiten und einigen Überraschungen. radio&fernseh ist mit 3zuwzai wieder ein Mix gelungen, der auf keinem iPod fehlen darf.
Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass es heute Abend wieder einen Grund zum Feiern gibt....

3zuzwai radio&fernseh DJ Set (freehostfile)
no work?


t.raumschmiere – erlösung durch strom/international pony – our house/deichkind – ich betäube mich (koweSix rmx)/abstrxion – sleepness night-sitting/the knife – like a pen/tiger stripes – beach buggy/booka shade – karma car/paulussen & cali – bicicletta
/red astaire – change your way, fools!/daedelus – make it so (xxxchange rmx)/lottergirls – never say never (terranova mix)/bergheim 34 – take my soul/bullion – get familiar/madvillain – accordion

24. Juni 2008

B to the M to the X

Neben Gameboy/Gamegirl sind BMX gerade der absolut heißeste Scheiß aus Down Under. Schon vor ungefähr drei Monaten stieß ich auf Theme To BMX, da hatten die vier aus Brisbane nicht mal eine MySpace Seite (unglaublich!). Jetzt gibt es zwei freshe Songs und für BMX gehts zielstrebig in Richtung Erfolg!

BMX - Theme To BMX (mp3)

BMX - War (mp3)

BMX - Refero Beach (mp3)

23. Juni 2008

RAC... soo last week!

Die Hypemaschine sagte mir gerade RAC wäre soooo "last week".... egal, ich feier ab jetzt mindestens für die Dauer eines Blogeintrages auf die folgenden Remixe ab:

You Say Party! We Say Die! - Like I Give A Care (RAC Mix) (mp3)

Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (RAC Mix) (mp3)

Ra Ra Riot - Manner To Act (RAC Mix) (mp3)

Coconut Records - Nighttiming (RAC Mix) (mp3)

20. Juni 2008

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Live für La Blogotheque)

Man wär ich da gern dabei gewesen, bei dieser sehr intimen Session von Bon Iver für La Blogotheque. Zum Glück ist Bon Iver schon in ungefähr drei Monaten in Berlin! Naja, ich werde uns daran erinnern, wenn es soweit ist.

Hmmm, kein typischer Freitagabend-Blog-Stoff... Ist allerdings auch kein typischer Freitagabend-Freitagabend. Ich muss das gesamte Wochenende durcharbeiten!

18. Juni 2008

Tip Of The Iceberg I

           (pic: saillos.blogspot.com)
Der Versuch die Audioblogosphäre jeden Tag in ihrer Ganzheit zu erfassen macht in etwa soviel Sinn wie zu versuchen der globalen Erwärmung mit einem offenen Kühlschrank entgegenzuwirken. Deshalb werde ich ab sofort beim "Tip Of The Iceberg" unser aller Freund den Eisberg zu Rate ziehen, denn wenn man wie er so Tag für Tag im digtialen Gewässer der Datenkanäle herumtreibt, kommen doch einige Schollen und Meeresströmungen vorbei und bringen interessante musikalische Neuigkeiten aus der Ferne.

Boy 8-Bit - Ghost House (Suspense Is Killing Me Pt II) (mp3) (NEW EP!)

Dizzee Rasacal - Dance Wiv Me (Feat. Calvin Harris) (mp3) (NEW EP!)

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) (mp3)

The Kid - Portion Control (mp3) (NEW ALBUM!)

Hot Club De Paris - Hey Housebrick (mp3) (NEW ALBUM!)

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat (mp3)

SoKo - No Love (For Teenagers) (mp3)

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