21. Oktober 2008

must i check blog?

The current issue of streetwear today magazine poses the question "must check blog?" robed in the recognisably art of dutch (street) artist Parra and interviews with amongst others the mentioned persona i.e. about his opinion about this phenomona that keeps getting bigger since its early days in the late 90's. My answer is as simple as paradox and admittedly unsatisfying: yes and no.

Believe me I could prattle about this topic for hours, but I highly doubt anyone would read more than the first two lines of what I would write here. I mean, when was the last time you read more than one or two pages online and when was the last time you got bored of a video on youtube, vimeo, etc. after just two seconds? Blogs and the internet - for me - is about getting fast and fresh information. In case I want to get deeper into a topic my sources are still books, newspapers and magazines. In fact I already have a headache reading through what I just wrote.

I recommend you to go and buy sw2d. It is full of different interesting stuff and for only 5 Euro you get that (almost old school) haptic feeling of actual holding a lovely printed magazine in your hands and a short break from this evil mind altering computer you have been sitting in front of far too long already.

ps. sw2d kindly published the very interesting interview with Parra here as well as an interview with the German artist Flying Fortress here.
ps.ps. A small article I wrote about audioblogs is published in Flächenbrand, a small DIY magazine available only in Fire Bar Krausnickstr.5, Berlin.


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