31. März 2009

24. März 2009


I just discovered that 'oh' might probably be the most commonly used interjection in music. Maybe even more popular than 'yeah', although both are oftentimes used together as for example in "Oh Yeah" on the Ferris Bueller Soundtrack or more recently by Housse de Racket.
Check out some great musical evidence:

Say Hi - Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (mp3)

We Have Band - Oh! (mp3)

Oh No! Oh My! - The Party Punch (mp3)

Oh Snap - Everyone's a DJ (mp3)

16. März 2009

keenplan live

This thursday I will play some music from my lil' laptop in Fire Bar, which is a small & cozy bar in Krausnickstraße 5 in Mitte. I will bascially play anything from indie, electro, pop, hip hop to blog house and beyond.
Come along and enjoy classic shit & new stuff.

11. März 2009

marshall is one part son and two parts brother to traci and i

What could be a band name or the title of a short story by Miranda July is actually part of the rather complicated band history of Seattle based indie band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. But since keenplan is more about the music and less about the gossip you would have to go to Pop Tarts Suck Toasted for more details on this issue.
Here's the music.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Who's Asking (mp3)

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Cheer For Fate (mp3)

10. März 2009

just when i thought i lost faith in dance music...

... this little dancefloor gem came across the data highway. FUCKIN' A!

DJ Mehdi - Tunisia Bambaata (Mercury Remix) (mp3)

I am sure you are familiar with Mercury's remix of Le Le's Breakfast:

Le Le - Breakfast (Mercury Remix) (mp3)

ps. I like to believe everybody deserves a fresh start sometimes. So I am not gonna apologize for my absence. I moved and did not have internet for weeks, give me some time to figure out how much the internet has changed since then... I will try to update more frequently from now on.

psps. On Fairtilizer you can download both tracks in 320 kBit/s quality!