21. Mai 2009

dudes don't dance

It's Father's Day and every year some people seem to confuse the celebration of fatherhood with the celebration of alcohol abuse... they call it "Men Day". Especially in more rural areas today the air smells like a mix of beer, sweat pants and highly dosed testosteron. More than usual. It's not my cup of tea but I am alright with it. BUT: if I see one of those manly men dancing tonight I am gonna tell him to fucking BE A MAN AND STOP DANCING!

(English with Swedish and Spanish subtitles??? Man, I am sooo cosmopolitan)

Hockey - Too Fake (Will And Joe Ask? Remix) (mp3)

Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (Modernaire Remix) (mp3)

Breakbot - Penelope Pitstop (mp3)

Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Sox Remix) (mp3)

14. Mai 2009

summer trippin'

yep, I bought a new bike today. summer is about to break through and I am ready for some silly summer trippin!

Classixx feat. Jeppe - I'll Get You (Royal Rumble Edit)

6. Mai 2009

you got to love this video because...

... it's such a beautiful song & the couple at 3:39.

... it's soooo new york & the sly stallone story!

Part 2

... of the way Sarah Assbring throws one or two shy, unadorned looks at the camera & for once Lykke Li is not overacting too much.

... it's so nice to see that Swedish bands obviously like the idea of putting some of their friends together like a group picture and have them do funny things & I found out Germans are not allowed to watch I'm from Barcelona music videos anymore