28. Dezember 2009

i love i love london

i have been very busy gathering videos for my new blog laterna magica, but of course i always run the hype machine in one of my hundred tabs. today this video for crystal fighters caught my attention....

...so i posted it on laterna magica and switched over to the hype machine to find this amazing brackles remix on schitz popinov which i uploaded to fairtilizer to post it here and to yousendit to make a high quality download available. that's what i call multitasking 2.0. bam!

Download 320 kBit/s via YSI

26. November 2009

laterna magica music video blog

Don't we all love music videos? Well, I cannot get enough of them. That's why I just started laterna magica a blog only for music videos. I will mainly post the newest of the newest music videos, probably some classic ones, too. We'll see. You should check it out!

25. November 2009


No wonder peeps like Shackleton and Scuba move to Berlin, it's about to become the new Bristol. Check out Berlin's very own Emika. Now on Ninja Tune!

Emika - Drop The Other (Scuba's Vulpine Remix)
hiqual download

17. November 2009

beer'n'dub dubstep dj set by radio&fernseh

Yep here it is fresh from the crates, a brilliant new dubstep dj set by radio&fernseh. Beer'n'dub is combining well known UK dubstep heroes such as caspa, shackelton and joker, newcomers like flux pavilion and bam bam dealers as well as upcoming international artists like hedmark or mr. gasparov covering the whole musical spectrum this truly exciting scene has to offer. Listen, download and spread the word.

marcus price – surf (hedmark rmx)
hudson mohawke – twistclip loop
sweat.x – i’m that alley (mike slott rmx)
paul white – versus the bbc
gemmy – rainbow rd
mr gasparov – 1975
darkstar – aidy’s girl is a computer
flying lotus – disco balls
crookers – park the truck feat.spank rock
mike snow – black&blue (caspa rmx)
bam bam dealers – aint no sunshine
the heavy – how you like me now? (joker rmx)
flux pavilion – kontroller feat. go control
s.y.n.k.r.o – „inhale“
peverelist – junktion (shed rmx)
jacques palminger – tüdeldub (shackleton rmx)
special bonus track: sneaky –feel like a king feat.barbara panther (robert koch rmx)

9. November 2009

meet&beat#3 in outlines

I cannot believe it took me so long to finally and officially declare this here, but meet&beat#3 was a blast. Thank you all so much for coming. I especially want to thank Must Have Been Tokyo for their fantastic show. Here are a few impressions. Additionaly buntundinfarbe is editing a little movie, which you'll be able to see here as soon as its finished.

12. Oktober 2009

meet&beat#3 feat. Must Have Been Tokyo (CH) live, 23.10.09 @ CulturLawine Berlin

Hey folks. We are beside ourselves with joy to announce meet&beat numero tres. This time we are particularly excited to present to you Must Have Been Tokyo, who travel all the way from Switzerland to join the meet&beat crew and play live at the good 'ol CulturLawine studio Berlin. Their unique and danceable indie slash post-punk-new-wave sound will help us all to slough that bloody autumn weather off our bones and shake those cold soaked socks dry. Of course Pushanski, radio&fernseh, RainerRock and Très Bjørn will be there for support and buntundinfarbe will serve some crispy visuals.

Hop off the tram at Friesickestraße (M13/12) or take a threefifty cab ride from S-Bahn Prenzlauer Allee. Drinks are cheap and the entrance fee is only 4 Euro.

We'd love to welcome returnees and newcomers!


6. Oktober 2009

no longer not a cult

it's almost painful to imagine how the sales are gonna be going through the roof as soon as the chapman family's long awaited debut 'virgins' is out by the end of october...their first second single is definitely a killer.

30. September 2009

burial - fostercare

a burial track is worth a thousand words and pictures.

Burial - Fostercare (mp3)

14. September 2009

new and not so new but sooo good video roundup.

I use facebook to do what everyone does: stalk friends. But actually I enjoy posting music videos on my and other people's walls even more. Maybe I do this to show off with my exquisite musical taste or maybe just because I like to bring good music to the people. But probably it's because they can be so much more interesting than some of my (facebook)friends.

6. September 2009

(official) meet&beat dj set by radio&fernseh

keenplan and meet&beat are just about to get started. Even now as autumn begins to lay its windy and rainy hands upon our beloved city, we don't slip under the covers but think about how we can help y'all to breast this truly nasty time of the year. First step is a brand new radio&fernseh DJ set. meet&beat it is called, and it's officially the soundtrack to meet&beat#3. In october we are more than happy to present to you a live performance by Must Have Been Tokyo from Switzerland. Check out 'Vice' which is the second track of their same-titled EP and the first track of meet&beat. Stay tuned to keenplan to find out more about meet&beat#3 and Must Have Been Tokyo soon. Also join meet&beat on Facebook to get the latest info.


playlist: must have been tokyo_vice / gossip_8th wonder / we were promised jetpacks_moving clocks run slow / bombay bicycle club_dust on the ground/ casio kids_gomurmama / we have band_you came out / of montreal_for our elegant case (depressed buttons rmx) / infrasonics_90113 / breakage_late night / ramadanman&appleblim_justify(will saul&mike monday rmx) / moderat_a new error (headhunter`s answr error mix) / the xx_blood red moon (demo) / siriusmo_nights off / fever ray_triangle walks (tora vinter rmx) / rodriguez jr._kids of hula / stimmig_the kiss (sascha funke rmx) / kollektiv turmstrasse_let freedom ring mix / rodriguez jr._lila (kollektiv turmstrasse rmx) / hungry ghost_c64 dub / the xx_basic space

31. August 2009

Marina & The Diamonds

Something that I have really been enjoying in the music / blog scene lately is a trend towards bands with strong female lead singers. I am not talking about obtrusive fat lesbian cunts like Beth Ditto, I am talking about women that look like a Charlie's Angel on their Myspace and get worried when watching the new Shakira video. Women like Marina Diamandis aka Marina & The Diamonds.

Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions (mp3)

Marina & The Diamonds - I'm Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix) (mp3)

24. August 2009

live is live

I don't fancy live albums too much. In fact there are only two of those type of records I managed to listen to more than only once. First one is legendary Social Distortion live at the Roxy from 98' that I unfortunately lost many years ago at times when people would not play music from youtube but actually took (original) CDs to parties that other people would actually be interested in stealing. The second one is a live recording from a Jamie T concert at the Barfly in London, which I actually enjoy even more than the album. Also I sometimes find live videos with versions that I like more than the actual song. Very often over at la blogotheque and sometimes simply on youtube.
Now I present to you two live versions I enjoy very much. A classic and a new one. Also I ripped the sound so you can put it on your mp3 listening device.

Led Zeppelin - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (Live in Copenhagen 1969) (mp3)

Anna Ternheim - Summer Rain (alternate take) (mp3)

31. Juli 2009

meet&beat#2 14.08. @ CulturLawine

Yes we're doing it again! meet&beat#2!!

For a second time Très Björn, Pushanski, RainerRock and radioundfernseh will put sparkling tunes in your thirsty ears over at the lovely CulturLawine studio in Weissensee. Visuals will be transmitted by buntundinfarbe.
We also got a special live performance planned for you, that is so special even I don't know what its gonna be.

Hop off the tram at Friesickestraße (M13/12) or take a threefifty cab ride from S-Bahn Prenzlauer Allee. Drinks are cheap and the entrance fee is only 3 euro.

We'd love to welcome returnees and newcomers!

21. Juli 2009

simple pleasures

I enjoy simple songs like 3 minutes long with one three chord guitar riff in the chorus. That's me. Call me boring, call me mainstream, but this is something I enjoy.
But sometimes also more complex pieces catch my attention. This time it's a remix of UK's The Big Pink by New York's Gang Gang Dance. In seven minutes they even manage to suprise me three times.
Now you'd have to excuse me I gotta go to the kitchen and get something to wipe that drool off my laptop.

The Big Pink - Velvet (Gang Gang Dance Mix) (mp3)

Gang Gang Dance - House Party (Hot Chip Remix) (mp3)

1. Juli 2009

keenplan is on vacation

Not that I have been the busiest blogger ever, but I decided to let you guys know I am on vacation for the next two weeks. Thought I'd simply give you a couple of songs, hoping that will make living easier without no keenplan at all... again, in some particular order.

Pets On Prozac - Tan, Still Unhappy (mp3)

Mika Miko - I Got A Lot (New New New) (mp3)

Florence And The Machine - Dog Days (mp3)

Frightened Rabbit - Keep Yourself Warm (mp3)

The Very Best - The Warm Heart Of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend) (mp3)

Jessica 6 - Fun Girl (Keinemusik Remix) (mp3)

Bloc Party - Where Is Home? (Burial Remix) (mp3)

25. Juni 2009

i like gimmicks

flash gimmicks are cereal box toys for grown ups....

23. Juni 2009

♡ hamburg radio&fernseh dj set

Grizzly Bear feat. Mos Def (produced by DJ Koze) (La Roux Remix)...?
Anything is possible in a radio&fernseh DJ Set!
Once again he teams up top-notch artists and off-the-hook tracks of various genres to one awesome mix. Enjoy summer with ♡ Hamburg exclusively on keenplan.blogspot.com.

/ jesse rose – day is done feat.hot chip (hot chip rmx)
/ ken hayakawa – schönbrunn (feat hans staudinger’s Keys)
/ grizzly bear – two weeks (fred falke mix)
/ evil nine – Icicles feat. Seraphim
/ buraka som sistema – ic19
/ joker – untitled_RSN
/ moderat – NR.22
/ efdemin – acid bells (martyn’s dark mix)
/ your twenties – caught wheel
/ mike slott – home
/ mos def – quiet dog
/ who made who – keep me in my plane (dj koze rmx)
/ la roux – quicksand (mad decent rmx)
/ burial&four tet – moth (maybe track 1)
/ luke hess – transform

16. Juni 2009

meet&beat crew says thank you!

MEET&BEAT#1 was a blast! Me and the boys were amazed that sooo many nice people decided to share that experience with us!! So thank y'all!!
I planned to post some pics, but obviously we were all to busy celebrating so there is almost no evidence... we'll keep you updated on meet&beat#2 so you can come and see everything for yourself which is better anyway.
The picture below shows the calm before the storm. Big up to Franky for the nice visuals! And thank you Anna for the great flyer!

I promised to post some songs that I very much enjoyed playing that night....

Fukkk Offf - Love My Shake (mp3)

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Allez Allez Remix) (mp3)

New Order - Leave Me Alone (mp3)

8. Juni 2009


Looking for an apartment in Berlin can be a mess. I mean compared to other big cities there still is plenty of cheap space but the real good flats don't appear on websites or in newspapers... People tend to move flats about every 1,5 years, so if someone moves out of a good apartment you will find someone to take over your flat in no time, even if it's someone who didn't even plan to move flats but wants to grasp at an opportunity.
The reason I am telling you this is because a good friend of mine is looking for that wonderful 3+ apartment in Berlin that you or your friends are just about to move out of... in that case E-MAIL HIM .
I suppose he is happy for any other tip, too.

Herman Düne - My Home Is Nowhere Without You (mp3)

1. Juni 2009

meet&beat 12.06. @ CulturLawine Berlin

Guess what?! We are having a party and you're invited!
On friday, june 12th we will take a tiny step out of the overworked party locations of Berlin to create space for meet&beat, an evening of pure musical hedonism at the CulturLawine studio in Weißensee. Pushanski, radio&fernseh, RainerRock and Très Bjørn gonna party keenplan style fearing no musical borders and pleasing both music nerds and dance freaks.

The location is only a few steps away from the ( S-Bahn station Prenzlauer Allee or ) tram station Friesickestraße (Tram 12/ M13). The entrance is free and good drinks are served at reasonable prices.

We'd be glad to welcome y'all as our guests!

21. Mai 2009

dudes don't dance

It's Father's Day and every year some people seem to confuse the celebration of fatherhood with the celebration of alcohol abuse... they call it "Men Day". Especially in more rural areas today the air smells like a mix of beer, sweat pants and highly dosed testosteron. More than usual. It's not my cup of tea but I am alright with it. BUT: if I see one of those manly men dancing tonight I am gonna tell him to fucking BE A MAN AND STOP DANCING!

(English with Swedish and Spanish subtitles??? Man, I am sooo cosmopolitan)

Hockey - Too Fake (Will And Joe Ask? Remix) (mp3)

Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (Modernaire Remix) (mp3)

Breakbot - Penelope Pitstop (mp3)

Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Sox Remix) (mp3)

14. Mai 2009

summer trippin'

yep, I bought a new bike today. summer is about to break through and I am ready for some silly summer trippin!

Classixx feat. Jeppe - I'll Get You (Royal Rumble Edit)

6. Mai 2009

you got to love this video because...

... it's such a beautiful song & the couple at 3:39.

... it's soooo new york & the sly stallone story!

Part 2

... of the way Sarah Assbring throws one or two shy, unadorned looks at the camera & for once Lykke Li is not overacting too much.

... it's so nice to see that Swedish bands obviously like the idea of putting some of their friends together like a group picture and have them do funny things & I found out Germans are not allowed to watch I'm from Barcelona music videos anymore

27. April 2009

'was'n jetz los... mp3?' radio&fernseh dj set

Like a bridge over troubled water radio&fernseh's newest transgenre dj set 'was'n jetz los... mp3?' gives you another reliable and tasteful insight into today's quick and ever evolving music industry. Finest handpicked vinyl tracks only! Enjoy, download and spreeeeeeeaaaaaaad the word! Oi!

tracklist: windsor for the derby_let go / casiokids_togens hule / hot chip_transmission / vampire weekend_the kids don’t stand a chance(chromeo rmx) / casiokids_verdens störste land / ghost_the club / martyn_yet / clark_growls garden / sarrass_home at the sea / bronnt industries kapital_objects&purpose(lopazz rmx) / sascha funke_mango cookie(dj koze’s pink moon rmx) / the whitest boy alive_timebomb / urlaub in polen_marseilles swell / peaches_search and destroy / matt&kim_don’t slow down / yeah yeah yeahs_heads will roll / fever ray_dry and dusty / carlos nino & miguel atwood ferguson-nag champa

24. April 2009

personal matt & kim post #23019789

A lot of exciting concerts coming up this spring/summer. One that I am especially looking forward to are Matt & Kim who will play at Magnet Club May 23rd.
Here's their new video for "Lessons Learned"

Matt & Kim - Lessons Learned (mp3)

4. April 2009


You know you are an artiste extraordinaire when journalists & blogger have to come up with new words to define your sound. Right now I make up "squirky" to describe the sound of Metronomy. From the gazillion remixes being posted on blogs every minute I think I could always identify such a "squirky" Metronomy remix. But this remix of Late Of The Pier's "The Bears Are Coming" I just found on tastes like caramel is different. Rather minimal, very un-metronomy. And I'm lovin it! The quirky sound from the original plus the Prince-like (...acid rain) voice... metronomynal!

Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Metronomy Remix) (mp3)

2. April 2009

time to predict the future

This very morning my coffee grounds told me the following:

"Of his knowledge a man should never boast,
Rather be sparing of speech
When to his house a wiser comes:
Seldom do those who are silent
Make mistakes; mother wit
Is ever a faithful friend."

And then something that I did not entirely understand: "Sprengjuhöllin"

So I googled it. What I found might be one of the most promising bands of 2009.
Sprengjuhöllin are from Iceland, so far all their songs were in icelandic, but they translated some of them now. I saw an interview at Iceland Airwaves in 2006 where they already seemed to think about changing their name to "hall of explosions", "hall of stars" or >ehem< "starcastle". I hope they won't.

Sprengjuhöllin - Worry Till Spring (mp3)

Sprengjuhöllin - The Drive (mp3)

Here's a video of "Worry Till Spring" in the original version: "Verum í Sambandi"

31. März 2009

24. März 2009


I just discovered that 'oh' might probably be the most commonly used interjection in music. Maybe even more popular than 'yeah', although both are oftentimes used together as for example in "Oh Yeah" on the Ferris Bueller Soundtrack or more recently by Housse de Racket.
Check out some great musical evidence:

Say Hi - Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (mp3)

We Have Band - Oh! (mp3)

Oh No! Oh My! - The Party Punch (mp3)

Oh Snap - Everyone's a DJ (mp3)

16. März 2009

keenplan live

This thursday I will play some music from my lil' laptop in Fire Bar, which is a small & cozy bar in Krausnickstraße 5 in Mitte. I will bascially play anything from indie, electro, pop, hip hop to blog house and beyond.
Come along and enjoy classic shit & new stuff.

11. März 2009

marshall is one part son and two parts brother to traci and i

What could be a band name or the title of a short story by Miranda July is actually part of the rather complicated band history of Seattle based indie band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. But since keenplan is more about the music and less about the gossip you would have to go to Pop Tarts Suck Toasted for more details on this issue.
Here's the music.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Who's Asking (mp3)

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Cheer For Fate (mp3)

10. März 2009

just when i thought i lost faith in dance music...

... this little dancefloor gem came across the data highway. FUCKIN' A!

DJ Mehdi - Tunisia Bambaata (Mercury Remix) (mp3)

I am sure you are familiar with Mercury's remix of Le Le's Breakfast:

Le Le - Breakfast (Mercury Remix) (mp3)

ps. I like to believe everybody deserves a fresh start sometimes. So I am not gonna apologize for my absence. I moved and did not have internet for weeks, give me some time to figure out how much the internet has changed since then... I will try to update more frequently from now on.

psps. On Fairtilizer you can download both tracks in 320 kBit/s quality!

17. Januar 2009

tell me why i don't hate mondays

I know, mondays usually suck big time. So lets turn them into the best day of the week, okay? How you ask?

19.01. The Rakes (UK) /Filthy Dukes (UK) / James Yuill (UK) @ Lido

Also Dr. radio&fernseh will be there to heal even the worst case of the mondays.