12. Oktober 2009

meet&beat#3 feat. Must Have Been Tokyo (CH) live, 23.10.09 @ CulturLawine Berlin

Hey folks. We are beside ourselves with joy to announce meet&beat numero tres. This time we are particularly excited to present to you Must Have Been Tokyo, who travel all the way from Switzerland to join the meet&beat crew and play live at the good 'ol CulturLawine studio Berlin. Their unique and danceable indie slash post-punk-new-wave sound will help us all to slough that bloody autumn weather off our bones and shake those cold soaked socks dry. Of course Pushanski, radio&fernseh, RainerRock and Très Bjørn will be there for support and buntundinfarbe will serve some crispy visuals.

Hop off the tram at Friesickestraße (M13/12) or take a threefifty cab ride from S-Bahn Prenzlauer Allee. Drinks are cheap and the entrance fee is only 4 Euro.

We'd love to welcome returnees and newcomers!


6. Oktober 2009

no longer not a cult

it's almost painful to imagine how the sales are gonna be going through the roof as soon as the chapman family's long awaited debut 'virgins' is out by the end of october...their first second single is definitely a killer.