27. September 2008


ooooh.... headache.... can't do anything but watch stupid videos in the youtube....

Diesel lined up a pretty decent bunch of artists for their birthday parties all over the world, but unfortuanetely they chose Munich over Berlin.... the video is still pretty funny though!

25. September 2008

dance the schwefelgelb

Schwefelgelb have obviously been inspired by German new wave. Although they say that they have not heard about DAF when they started the band, I suppose their parents listened to their records 24/7 when they were toddlers. As influences they name bands like electro pop pioneers Grauzone and Adult. from Detroit.

This is their new video for Stein auf Stein! I highly recommend to go and see them live on friday @ Magnet!

23. September 2008

the purpose of blogs

Since I am writing an assignment on blogs at the moment, I read all those analyses about what motivates people to have a blog. Basically the purpose of blogs is to create an alternate virtual personality by positive selection of character in order to compensate for the lack of self confidence/ what a douche you actually are.

This could be the brain behind Hipster Runoff (... see the Nintendo?)

I Personally am 100% real and as cool as the music I post on my blog!

Chad VanGaalen's music is amazing and so is his art. The only thing I don't like about him is that he does not play in Germany when he comes to Europe in November...

Chad VanGaalen - TMNT Mask (mp3)

After three long years a new Antony & The Johnsons record is coming. Another World EP will be out in October.

Antony & The Johnsons - Shake That Devil (mp3)

And last but not least some dance music. I heard this new Lo-Fi-Fnk tune on Shir Khan's radioshow today. It will be on the next Kitsune Compilation.

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Want U (mp3)

19. September 2008

schizophrenic taste in music...

People shouldn't get too personal in blogs. But now I am gonna tell you about a mental disorder I suffer from. I have a schizophrenic taste in music.

Y'know, sometimes I wanna ride Tippin' down, sittin' crooked on my chrome. Bookin' my phone, tryin' to find a chick I wanna bone...

Joe Budden X DJ Benzi - Classic (The Kickdrums Remix) (mp3)

... and sometimes I want to ride the bike with my eyes closed and arms spread like in a stupid Hollywood rom com...

Damien Jurado - Go First (mp3)

9. September 2008


I am sure y'all have seen this video of M.I.A.'s pal African Boy on discobelle today....

At this point I think I have to officially confess that I personally find Lil' Wayne a little tiny bit creepy... although he must be pretty succesful with the ladies, I mean not only is he fucking filthy rich, but he also is that kind of guy that takes care about his looks...

"I don't do too many (drugs). I just smoke weed and drink. But I'll never f**k with no more coke. It's not about the bad high; it's just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I'm a pretty boy."

And - as if anyone really gives a flying fuck about my opinion - the best A Milli Version to-date still is this one by Young Pulse, Killadaz & the TTC guys...

Young Pulse et Orgasmic - A Milli (Cuiz + KillaDaz+ Teki Latex) (mp3)

5. September 2008

A Trak & Boys Noize gig location revealed!

Today the secretiveness around the location for the oncoming A Trak & Boys Noize gig in Berlin finally ended, so I will finally be able to go to sleep again...

4. September 2008

bunte streusel radio&fernseh DJ Set

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

In my opininon music is like a big box of coloured sprinkles. For his newest DJ Set radio&fernseh once again combined a great variety of the finest sprinkles he could find to one unique, colourful and tasty mix.

bunte streusel radio&fernseh DJ Set (freehostfile)
no work?


björk_wanderlust (ratatat rmx)/ photonz_glass onion/ metronomy_holiday/ ratatat_shemp/ patrice bäumel_clair/ justus köhnke_yacht (robert bubicz mix)/ cutcopy_lights&music (boys noize happy birthday rmx)/ black affair_it`s real/ abstraxion_i had a good time/ miss kittin_grace (martinez bass in your face mix)/ crystal castles_trash hologram (demo)/ muscles_sweaty (instrumental)/ black kids_i`m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (twelves rmx)/ junior boys_in the morning (alex smoke mix)/ tomoki & nono_3 years (manuel tur remix)/ alter ego_gary boys club/ bonus track: babytalk_chance (hercules & love affair rmx)

If you want more from radio&fernseh's coloured sprinkles, you should check out Bang Bang Club on Wednesdays in the future.

2. September 2008

Farewell Tiny Whales / Welcome Passion Pit

A few years ago a a friend of mine who was living in the States brought her boyfriend when she came to visit me in Berlin. He was from Boston, played drums in a band and was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He showed me some stuff he and his band Tiny Whales were playing and I was a fan right away.

Tiny Whales - Same Shoes (mp3) (sorry about the bad quality)

Tiny Shoes - The Understudy (mp3)
I hope you don't like these last songs too much... because when I checked their Myspace again yesterday I noticed that they split up some months ago. Too bad! Fortunately you can still buy their old EP here.

However, in their friendslist I found this other great band called Passion Pit. They are already famous among bloggers and I am sure they gonna be big big big real soon!

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (mp3)

Passion Pit - Better Things (mp3)

Passion Pit - I've got Your Number (mp3)
Their Album Chunk Of Chains will be out in the U.S. September 16th on Frenchkiss Records.