2. September 2008

Farewell Tiny Whales / Welcome Passion Pit

A few years ago a a friend of mine who was living in the States brought her boyfriend when she came to visit me in Berlin. He was from Boston, played drums in a band and was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He showed me some stuff he and his band Tiny Whales were playing and I was a fan right away.

Tiny Whales - Same Shoes (mp3) (sorry about the bad quality)

Tiny Shoes - The Understudy (mp3)
I hope you don't like these last songs too much... because when I checked their Myspace again yesterday I noticed that they split up some months ago. Too bad! Fortunately you can still buy their old EP here.

However, in their friendslist I found this other great band called Passion Pit. They are already famous among bloggers and I am sure they gonna be big big big real soon!

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (mp3)

Passion Pit - Better Things (mp3)

Passion Pit - I've got Your Number (mp3)
Their Album Chunk Of Chains will be out in the U.S. September 16th on Frenchkiss Records.

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