23. September 2008

the purpose of blogs

Since I am writing an assignment on blogs at the moment, I read all those analyses about what motivates people to have a blog. Basically the purpose of blogs is to create an alternate virtual personality by positive selection of character in order to compensate for the lack of self confidence/ what a douche you actually are.

This could be the brain behind Hipster Runoff (... see the Nintendo?)

I Personally am 100% real and as cool as the music I post on my blog!

Chad VanGaalen's music is amazing and so is his art. The only thing I don't like about him is that he does not play in Germany when he comes to Europe in November...

Chad VanGaalen - TMNT Mask (mp3)

After three long years a new Antony & The Johnsons record is coming. Another World EP will be out in October.

Antony & The Johnsons - Shake That Devil (mp3)

And last but not least some dance music. I heard this new Lo-Fi-Fnk tune on Shir Khan's radioshow today. It will be on the next Kitsune Compilation.

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Want U (mp3)

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