27. Oktober 2008

warning: don't read this!

okay, obviously you've ignored my advice... but don't say I did not warn you before!
so, what I wanna talk about here is nitrome... oh, no worries keenplan has not turned into a drug forum over the weekend! Nitrome is not a new designer drug although it is made by designers and is in fact highly addictive.

Nitrome is a London based company that designs small free online games. Graphics and sound are very 90's and the gameplay is inspired by many classic games like Lemmings or Pacman. 100% fun, nostalgic eye candy. If you dare to get addicted here's the link:


22. Oktober 2008


After no news for quite a while it feels like Matt and Kim now put free tracks out there almost every week. Still I will never get tired of posting their stuff. Today: Daylight in audio & video

Matt and Kim - Daylight (mp3)

21. Oktober 2008

must i check blog?

The current issue of streetwear today magazine poses the question "must check blog?" robed in the recognisably art of dutch (street) artist Parra and interviews with amongst others the mentioned persona i.e. about his opinion about this phenomona that keeps getting bigger since its early days in the late 90's. My answer is as simple as paradox and admittedly unsatisfying: yes and no.

Believe me I could prattle about this topic for hours, but I highly doubt anyone would read more than the first two lines of what I would write here. I mean, when was the last time you read more than one or two pages online and when was the last time you got bored of a video on youtube, vimeo, etc. after just two seconds? Blogs and the internet - for me - is about getting fast and fresh information. In case I want to get deeper into a topic my sources are still books, newspapers and magazines. In fact I already have a headache reading through what I just wrote.

I recommend you to go and buy sw2d. It is full of different interesting stuff and for only 5 Euro you get that (almost old school) haptic feeling of actual holding a lovely printed magazine in your hands and a short break from this evil mind altering computer you have been sitting in front of far too long already.

ps. sw2d kindly published the very interesting interview with Parra here as well as an interview with the German artist Flying Fortress here.
ps.ps. A small article I wrote about audioblogs is published in Flächenbrand, a small DIY magazine available only in Fire Bar Krausnickstr.5, Berlin.


20. Oktober 2008

our northerly neighbour

Sweden is said to be the third biggest exporteur of music after the U.S. and the UK. Many new artists evolve from the fertile but hard-fought grounds of the swedish music scene every month. One of those many talents I am sure will establish internationally in the near future is Tvärvägen.

September. The perfect sound also for October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August.

Bonus: Ratatat (sweded)

The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat Remix) (mp3)

16. Oktober 2008

sleepyhead (video)

This is the new video for Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, of which I have already told you before.

12. Oktober 2008

product placement

In the iconography of the worldwide indie scene the good ol' cassette has almost become what the cross is to the christian church. Cassette shirts, bags, necklets and other stuff is worn even by teens that have most probably never ever used MCs. I am sure you own at least one of these items yourself. Although everyone got kind of fed up with the whole cassette thing I recommend you this following gimmick as the perfect birthday gift.

You can use it as mp3 player (although the maximum is only 2gb) and you can play it with any cassetteplayer like old car stereos.

If you buy it and don't know which songs to put on it, check these out:

Foals - Olympic Airways (Ewan Pearson's Return To The Villa Of Joy Remix) (mp3)

Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Gonzales Remix) (mp3)

Bloc Party - Talons (Acoustic Version) (mp3)

(of course you can put these songs on any other mp3 player, too!)

7. Oktober 2008

cheering me up 2006 - 2008

On a cold, grey and rainy day one easy method to cheer you up is to dig through your shoe boxes of old mixtapes and play the one with those dancey sing-a-long tracks from the 90's you have always enjoyed but would never tell anyone you did and still do. Afterwards you will feel slightly embarrassed but also much happier.
A completely different way is to listen to Hello Saferide. Her music cheered me up in wintery Sweden in 2006...

Hello Saferide - 2006 (mp3)

...and still does in autumnal Berlin in 2008.

Hello Saferide - 2008 (mp3)