25. Juni 2009

i like gimmicks

flash gimmicks are cereal box toys for grown ups....

23. Juni 2009

♡ hamburg radio&fernseh dj set

Grizzly Bear feat. Mos Def (produced by DJ Koze) (La Roux Remix)...?
Anything is possible in a radio&fernseh DJ Set!
Once again he teams up top-notch artists and off-the-hook tracks of various genres to one awesome mix. Enjoy summer with ♡ Hamburg exclusively on keenplan.blogspot.com.

/ jesse rose – day is done feat.hot chip (hot chip rmx)
/ ken hayakawa – schönbrunn (feat hans staudinger’s Keys)
/ grizzly bear – two weeks (fred falke mix)
/ evil nine – Icicles feat. Seraphim
/ buraka som sistema – ic19
/ joker – untitled_RSN
/ moderat – NR.22
/ efdemin – acid bells (martyn’s dark mix)
/ your twenties – caught wheel
/ mike slott – home
/ mos def – quiet dog
/ who made who – keep me in my plane (dj koze rmx)
/ la roux – quicksand (mad decent rmx)
/ burial&four tet – moth (maybe track 1)
/ luke hess – transform

16. Juni 2009

meet&beat crew says thank you!

MEET&BEAT#1 was a blast! Me and the boys were amazed that sooo many nice people decided to share that experience with us!! So thank y'all!!
I planned to post some pics, but obviously we were all to busy celebrating so there is almost no evidence... we'll keep you updated on meet&beat#2 so you can come and see everything for yourself which is better anyway.
The picture below shows the calm before the storm. Big up to Franky for the nice visuals! And thank you Anna for the great flyer!

I promised to post some songs that I very much enjoyed playing that night....

Fukkk Offf - Love My Shake (mp3)

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Allez Allez Remix) (mp3)

New Order - Leave Me Alone (mp3)

8. Juni 2009


Looking for an apartment in Berlin can be a mess. I mean compared to other big cities there still is plenty of cheap space but the real good flats don't appear on websites or in newspapers... People tend to move flats about every 1,5 years, so if someone moves out of a good apartment you will find someone to take over your flat in no time, even if it's someone who didn't even plan to move flats but wants to grasp at an opportunity.
The reason I am telling you this is because a good friend of mine is looking for that wonderful 3+ apartment in Berlin that you or your friends are just about to move out of... in that case E-MAIL HIM .
I suppose he is happy for any other tip, too.

Herman Düne - My Home Is Nowhere Without You (mp3)

1. Juni 2009

meet&beat 12.06. @ CulturLawine Berlin

Guess what?! We are having a party and you're invited!
On friday, june 12th we will take a tiny step out of the overworked party locations of Berlin to create space for meet&beat, an evening of pure musical hedonism at the CulturLawine studio in Weißensee. Pushanski, radio&fernseh, RainerRock and Très Bjørn gonna party keenplan style fearing no musical borders and pleasing both music nerds and dance freaks.

The location is only a few steps away from the ( S-Bahn station Prenzlauer Allee or ) tram station Friesickestraße (Tram 12/ M13). The entrance is free and good drinks are served at reasonable prices.

We'd be glad to welcome y'all as our guests!