16. Juni 2009

meet&beat crew says thank you!

MEET&BEAT#1 was a blast! Me and the boys were amazed that sooo many nice people decided to share that experience with us!! So thank y'all!!
I planned to post some pics, but obviously we were all to busy celebrating so there is almost no evidence... we'll keep you updated on meet&beat#2 so you can come and see everything for yourself which is better anyway.
The picture below shows the calm before the storm. Big up to Franky for the nice visuals! And thank you Anna for the great flyer!

I promised to post some songs that I very much enjoyed playing that night....

Fukkk Offf - Love My Shake (mp3)

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Allez Allez Remix) (mp3)

New Order - Leave Me Alone (mp3)

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Icke hat gesagt…

O.M.L. the party was awesome. Tons of great music...