2. November 2008

It's fun ignoring the D-M-C-A, it's fun ignoring the D-M-C-A-A

I keep asking myself who is reading my blog. I know some of my friends do. They sometimes comment on my blog... okay, I mean.... in real life... you know? ... where people use fascial muscles instead of emoticons or <'s and 3's to express feelings. Sometimes I think some people actually follow my mediocre advertising on myspace and fairtilizer, take a quick look and read like every seventh to ninth word of the first three sentences on the front page. But that's okay. I don't blog to get the world's attention. But a few days ago I think I caught a big fish! I got a message from Blogger, saying my last post infringed copyright so they had to erase it. I mean, WOW in the endless spheres of the world wide web I got some recognition by some big important company! WOW! Hey, if you read this: "I am sorry. Hire me!" Anyway in the future I will be more careful, starting today. Below you will find a) a picture I took MYSELF with my crappy mobile in some subway station when I was drunk and b) a short song I sung MYSELF a million years ago (Do I still sound like that?), in German inspired by an interview with some German band, dedicated to Charlotte Roche's armpit hair.

100% copyright infringment free! Enjoy!



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