13. August 2008

It's not a boat... it's a YACHT!

Besides the fact, that 103 is absolutely not the proper venue for a RATATAT show plus they had to stop the show twice because 1. total sound black out 2. somebody stole a drumstick (last pair)... the concert was awesomazing! I found this nice remix of Mirando by Jona Bechtolt (& Claire L. Evans) aka YACHT, who dropped his first Album with the most encouraging title I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real. last year.

RATATAT - Mirando (YACHT REMIX) (mp3)

I like what James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem had to say about YACHT:
"YACHT smells wonderful. I must say, all the time he spent in our bus, it was as if a cool breeze was blowing through my mind. and good songs, too!"

The Stereolab remix makes you wanna go outside and dance in the middle of the street wearing your jammies.

Stereolab - Self Portrait With "Electric Brain"(YACHT remix) (mp3)

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