10. Februar 2011

meet&beat 5 / 18.02.11 / VCF Berlin

Dear bass votaries and dance fanatics,

it's time for mambo num... sorry, meet&beat number 5!
After almost one long year we finally huddled together to once more present to you a celebration of genuine sounds and illustrious gathering. radio&fernseh and Pushanski will be playing Dubstep, UK Funky, Garage and beyond on the main floor, joining forces with the good people of Project Squared, namely Gordon, Skratch from Berlin HQ and Asusu from dubstep epicentre Bristol. Visual rear cover by Thomsen. The 2nd floor will be filled with various sounds, or 'Dispodisko' as we like to call it, by Rainerrock and Tres Bjorn. Special appearance by Pushanski. Visuals that will make your eyes twist will be transmitted by buntundinfarbe.

Doors open at 22.00 at VCF. Entrance fee is a paltry 5 €.

See you next friday!



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