6. April 2010

brandnew radio&fernseh dj set Ich Will Kein Tier In Marrakech Sein

House cleaning does not have to be a motherfucker! It can be a lot of fun in fact. My very first place in Berlin was a nice two room apartment in Prenzlauer Berg I shared with a friend of mine. Although the apartment's seventysomething square meters could have easily been done in about an hour, it usually took us three or more hours to finish cleaning. It's not that we've been super pedantic or anything, but we always used to turn the whole thing into a cleaning ceremony. First of all we took coffee and cigarette breaks at least every thirty minutes (one of the few occasions my flatmate smoked btw) which usually turned into beer and something we call "Sportzigarette" breaks after a while. Secondly we got super hungry from all those hours of cleaning of course so we either went out to go buy us some meal or prepared something ourselves at some point. Apart from the breaks the most important part of our ceremony was to open all the windows and play loads of well selected records. While cleaning we listened to all kind of stuff, usually a lot of classic German Hip Hop. The radio was never an option. One special record I remember was a must during every procedure was The Streets' A Grand Don't Come For Free. Something we definetly would have played if it would have been available at the time are radio&fernseh's dj sets. Today I played his brandnew dj set Ich Will Kein Tier In Marakech Sein while spring cleaning and it proved to be a perfect cleaning soundtrack. Wobbly dubsteb meets spheric and straight-ligned electronica spiced up with some soulful female vocals and topped off with remixes of two of my favorite pop songs, some flying lotus and his mate gonjasufi. Download and play Ich Will Kein Tier In Marrakech Sein below and be sure to play it loud with all windows opened, no matter if you are spring cleaning or not.

(cover shot by radio&fernseh)


scuba – so you think you`re special
circa – ida
pangaea – because of you
breakage – over feat. zarif
trg – put you down (ramadanman rmx)
desto – cold vip
scuba – you got me
joy orbison – so derobe
greena – tenzado
l-vis 1990 – zahonda
omar s – plesetsk cosmodrome
subeena – analyse
andre kronert – negentein
a made up sound – rework
pantha du prince – stick to my side (efdemin rmx)
martyn – seventy four (redshape mix)
delphic – doubt (doc daneeka vip mix)
i blame coco – cesar feat robyn (miike snow rmx)
flying lotus – sangria spin cysles
gonjasufi – holidays

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